tokoname bonsai pots

What is TOKONAME ?

Pottery has supported Japan's living for 1000 years. Pottery continues to evolve based on a long history as well. That is “TOKONAME”

There are no Bonsai masters who do not know the name of this pottery producing place “TOKONAME”. Do you know why?

“TOKONAME” is one of the six Japanese old kilns that have continued to support Japanese living for 1000 years. “TOKONAME” has always been close to people's livelihoods by producing ceramics in a long history, supporting people's livelihood, and has responded to changes in the times.

Some of these products require delicacy, artistry and scarcity like tea-ware, some require high quality and large quantity production. “TOKONAME” is from formal occasion instruments to public infrastructure of the feet, we keep making various things according to the demands of the times.

This diversity of manufacturing is the characteristic of “TOKONAME” which has rare technologies among the six old kilns.

“TOKONAME” rich variety of manufacturing variations and expressive power combines both “beauty” enriching our lives and “strength” supporting living, creating ceramics that can continue to respond to changing demands.

Our lives and the world of bonsai are the same. Bonsai pots of “beauty” , “strength” and “stable high quality” cultivated with the infrastructure technology of “TOKONAME” will snuggle closely with your precious trees and will continue to support them as they grow.

It is not only that. The technique created by craftsmen of “TOKONAME” has continued to respond to requests from Japanese professional bonsai masters who have the most critical eyes in the world.

It also has “artistry” to respond to the creativity of bonsai masters and amplify it.

In other words, the “TOKONAME” bonsai pot is “functional” under the technology of the bonsai master and supports the imagination “artistically”. It is a kind of marriage.