Tokoname Bonsai Pots

About the clay

The secret of “TOKONAME” clay

The clay used in “TOKONAME” is produced from the clay layer deposited under the hilly land in the Tokoname area, as the place name has meaning “always smooth” in Japanese.

The local Tokoname clay it is made from has the property of being vitrified at a low temperature which differs from the clay of other production areas in that they need to be fired to higher temperatures.

Actually, it is thought that the clay of the Tokoname area which is fired at this low temperature is the element that produces “TOKONAME” excellence in functionality.

The craftsmen of “TOKONAME” have been producing various kinds of tools to support the lives of people, producing optimum clay blending and firing methods according to the role of products in history.

“TOKONAME” has made it possible to produce products superior in functionality which is indispensable for bonsai that it is strong against frost damage while having water absorption, by such a good material, high technology and breath-ability is good, we believe.